Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Deepest Sympathy to Italy Deadly Earthquake

My Respected Ajhan Chandapalo (Santacittarama,Rome) and Unicam Community(University of Camerino, Italy),

As you know, 2008 May 2 nd and 3rd, My country ,Myanmar was terribly devastated by tropical cyclone Nargis according to the red line direction.Cyclone Nargis (JTWC designation: 01B, also known as Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nargis), was a strong tropical cyclone that caused the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Myanmar.
Nargis is the deadliest named cyclone in the North Indian Ocean Basin, as well as the second deadliest named cyclone of all time, behind Typhoon Nina of 1975. Including unnamed storms like the 1970 Bhola cyclone, Nargis is the 8th deadliest cyclone of all time, but an uncertainty between the deaths caused by Nargis and those caused by other cyclones (like the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone), could put Nargis as 7th deadliest or higher, because the exact death toll is unknown.

At that time all of you were kind and helped to us.
We are staying together under the one roof of sky. We feel warm that all of us are family members in global home.
Wherever may be .
Whoever may be.
Whatever may be.
We can join our hands and overcome together the natural disaster which is always threatening to us.
Your kindness could save the many lives and educate to orphans from tropical cyclone Nargis.
On behalf of Pilot Sayadaw and Myanmar nationality,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.

Your sharing kindness and great compassion were firmly recorded not only in our hearts but also in world history. We shall never forget about this throughout our lifetime.

This morning I heard the news of Italy deadly earthquake in L’Aquila made us shocked and sorrowful. We deeply compassionate and sympathize on pitiful victims. We could imagine the terrible situation like the same hard period of our Nargis.

They slept last night without knowing their near future was coming with bad fortune. Dreadful sorry for them. Now we are praying and disseminating our deepest loving kindness and wishes to them.
Please kindly accept our Metta (Loving Kindness) and wishes.
May all of the victims be free from enmity and danger.
May all beings be cheerful and be endowed with a happy secure life.
May all beings be free from affliction, anxiety and live happily.

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Chandapalo Bhikkhu said...

Greetings Than Than,

thanks for your kind message, nice to hear from you again. Are you back in Burma again or are you still in Italy? I am at Amaravati monastery in England for a few days, on Friday I go back to Santacittarama. There was no damage at the monastery and nobody hurt, although they felt the quake very strongly. Several people from L'Aquila come to the monastery so I am hoping that they are safe and well.

We have some meetings of senior monks here at Amaravati, that is why I am here. I am very well and I hope that you are too.

You are welcome to use the photo, no problem.

Sending all kind wishes and many blessings.

Chandapalo Bhikkhu

Chandapalo Bhikkhu said...
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U Aye Chan said...

Dear Ama,
Hope you will be free from this disaster.I also see effected area photo in your gmail icon .

U Aye Chan

Dr.Sandar Tun said...

မမ ငလၽင္ သတင္းရတယ္။

Dr.Roberto Spurio said...

Hello Than Than,
thank you very much for your message. During the night between Saturday and Sunday we have experienced a terrible shake, lasting about 20''. The same happened last night, but was very short. Fortunately, we registered no damage, only a great fear. Let us know when you will have news about your future work. We wish you all the best,

Roberto Spurio
Lab. Biologia Molecolare e Biotecnologie Microbiche
Dipartimento di Biologia M.C.A.
Universita' di Camerino
Via Gentile III da Varano
62032 CAMERINO (MC) Italy
tel. +39-0737-403251
FAX +39-0737-403290

THO and KSL said...

Dear AMa,

How are you and wish to survive from earthquake.

With best wishes,
THO and KSL(AIT, Bangkok)

Bhikkhu Mahapanyo said...

Dear Than Than,

Ajahn Chandapalo is in England, anyway Santacittarama is fine!

we woke up in the night, at 3.30 ... while the bell was ringing in the entrance ... but fortunately the earth tremor didn't effect the buildings and the people inside.

The following morning we received several phone calls from everywhere asking about the earthquake, at that point we realized that something of very serious happened ... L' Aquila, not far from here (70 kms), is mostly destroyed.

Thank you for your inquiring.
With Metta.

bhikkhu Mahapanyo

Dr.Ma Than Khin said...

Hi Ah Ma
How are you?
How's your place?

Dr.Ma Than Khin
Shinawatra University